Your website is like a car. If you fail to get routine oil changes, the vehicle’s performance will continue to drop until the engine stalls.

Don’t let this happen to your site after all the hard work that was invested!

Is your current site a true reflection of your business? If your site looks poorly designed or out of date this is how consumers see your business.



We live in a smart phone society spending on average two hours a day on mobile devices which twice as long as laptop and desktop computers. You need a website that can flex and adapt to the screen it is being viewed on.


How easy is it for you to amend your website?


Do the images on your website truly reflect your business?


Many older websites lack a call to action. Is your USP and call to action displayed clearly on your landing page?


Whereas the first impression will be the layout consumers go to a website for information. On average you have 2-4 seconds to engage the user and modern websites do go faster. Up-to-date content will encourage the user to go back to your website again.


If you don’t update your website it will gradually fall down search engine rankings. Search engines consider the websites with the most up to date content the most relevant for the website user. You may consider your content to be okay but if it’s the same content that you had three years ago the search engine crawlers may not see it as relevant anymore. The way people search changes year on year and this needs to be taken into consideration.


Now easy it is for the user to find the information that they want and do business with you?

The percentage of people that visit your site and leave without visiting a second page.


The loading of your website is a major contributor of people staying on your page or moving on to a competitor and never returning again.


An up-to-date website based on a content management system such as word press makes it easier to administer.


Security flaws are more likely to affect an older website.