Earlier this year Google announced their next big algorithm update. The update almost purely concentrates on mobile search and usage, focusing on how ‘mobile friendly’ a website is when deciding its mobile search ranking position. This means that if your website is not mobile friendly within Googles guidelines, it will suffer in the mobile search rankings. Non mobile friendly sites will now fall below mobile friendly sites.

Google are doing this as they recognise that now most of the world search for services using mobile phones and devices and are basically forcing websites to become mobile optimised.

All websites will be impacted either positively or negatively by the change. Websites that are mobile friendly will have a boost in visibility and rankings purely from those non mobile friendly sites they share the results pages with taking a hit and being moved down.

Those that aren’t mobile friendly will of course feel a negative impact from the change, which might result in a drop in traffic to you site, you will need to start thinking about becoming mobile friendly.

We strongly recommend that you get in touch with Birweb to find out whether your site is currently mobile friendly under Googles guidelines. If your site is not mobile friendly or “Responsive” than please get in touch with us 0845 372 0064.